Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sparking an interest in every child

Today was one of those days when you see little sparks begin to ignite. Every morning this week, we have been playing a song that I discovered when blog hopping. It was on Teach Happiness and the song was by Will.I.Am, called "What I am" The wonders have been singing as we transition and the best part is the when they come to the words, "Keep on reaching high, Never going to quit. I’ll be stronger." , they sing it out because they sense they are getting stronger, learning more, reaching higher everyday. Even the shyest wonders are up dancing in their personal square and singing along.
Then later today I was introducing the I-pads that we have gotten in our room. One little wonder, who just never seemed to be impressed by anything, perked up and went to town playing the patterning apps and the sight word was then I decided he would be my class technologist and show others how to play an app after he learns what to do. When I told him that he had to be my class techno guy to help me, he grinned from ear to ear and immediately got two friends and showed them the apps he had used. By the end of our Differentiated Time, he had trained 7 wonders to use the I-pad apps and on how to treat the I-pad with care. Impressed and grinning fromm ear to ear is the way this teacher felt today at the end of the day. I am so proud of my wonders!


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