Friday, September 16, 2011

A Giveaway Where You ABSOLUTELY Have a Chance to Win

Crystal over in Kreative in Kinder is having a giveaway. Everyone wins if you follow her directions so head on over to Kreative in Kinder and see what you have to do!

Kreative in Kinder

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Positive Thinking!

Well today I am joining Jenn, over in Rowdy in First Grade in being positive and thinking positive! After a week of fighting and then down right battling a cold, throat and now bronchial something, I was feeling blue, tired and ready to pull the sheets over my head. I read Jenn's blog and thought, " Now is that anyway for you to act?!" "What is good about today...think Lib", I said to my brain! And so I thought and you know what I could had a lot to be positive about today.

First, I have an amazing family who make me laugh and just want to be alive!
My sister, my neice, one of my daughters and  I acting nuts

My sisters and I cleaning up after Easter dinner

Second, I have an awesome best friend who always checks up on me and we share the most interesting adventures, like sitting all night on the George Washington Bridge on our way to Boston or trying to out run tornadoes in North Carolina on our way to Farmville, Va.

My best friend, Robin and I
Third, the day was sunny and bright and  because I was sick I got to sleep past O' dark thirty!
Fourth, I teach at a wonderful school with a wonderful team!

My team after we won Palmetto's Finest
Fifth, I had coffee this morning and breakfast and it was peaceful and quiet and I was not in a hurry. MMMMHMMM!
Sixth, I am going to see my little wonders tomorrow and we WILL SING AND DANCE!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Linky Party! Currently I Am

Head on over to Oh Boy Fourth Grade: September Currently and join her Linky Party and list what you are currently doing. Here is my list :

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I just posted  about a giveaway at Christina Bainbridge's blog PLEASE leave those comments for her about her blog....yes i would love for you to follow mine but she is having the giveaway and I want credit to go where it is due. In my haste to write about her cute giveaway....I cut and pasted and then forgot to change the "me" to "her".....BOY do I feeeeeel stooooopid. Forgive me Christina I was so excited with ideas I blooped!

A giveaway and so many ideas begin popping in my head!

Christina over in Mrs. Bainbridge's class is having a cute giveaway. She found some cute puppets and some cute key chains and decided to have a giveaway. Here is what you need to do:     
What you need to do is:
1.) Leave a comment letting me know how you would use the KEYCHAINS in your classroom (1 entry)
2.) Leave a comment letting me know you follow this blog or have just become a follower (1 more entry)
3.) Leave a comment letting me know you like my blog on Facebook (1 MORE entry!)
4.) Leave a comment and the URL letting me know you posted about my giveawayon your blog (1 MORE entry!)

AND, if you want an even better chance to win...

5.) Leave a comment letting me know that you like The Teaching Oasis on Facebook (1 MORE entry!) 

Well the first idea that popped my head was what if those cute key chain cuties were attached to a dowel, what a cute way to read around the room. Then I thought about a blog that i had just read about a story telling bag...that blog was Teach Preschool. My idea is that these little cutie pies go in a story telling bag and as you pull each one out you use them in your story. Once you have modeled it in a small group the children can try it and then retell their own story to the class or to the small group. It will help them learn beginning, middle and end of a story. So what do you think, leave me some comments and head on over to Christina's blog and Teaching Preschool's blog and read more.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sparking an interest in every child

Today was one of those days when you see little sparks begin to ignite. Every morning this week, we have been playing a song that I discovered when blog hopping. It was on Teach Happiness and the song was by Will.I.Am, called "What I am" The wonders have been singing as we transition and the best part is the when they come to the words, "Keep on reaching high, Never going to quit. I’ll be stronger." , they sing it out because they sense they are getting stronger, learning more, reaching higher everyday. Even the shyest wonders are up dancing in their personal square and singing along.
Then later today I was introducing the I-pads that we have gotten in our room. One little wonder, who just never seemed to be impressed by anything, perked up and went to town playing the patterning apps and the sight word was then I decided he would be my class technologist and show others how to play an app after he learns what to do. When I told him that he had to be my class techno guy to help me, he grinned from ear to ear and immediately got two friends and showed them the apps he had used. By the end of our Differentiated Time, he had trained 7 wonders to use the I-pad apps and on how to treat the I-pad with care. Impressed and grinning fromm ear to ear is the way this teacher felt today at the end of the day. I am so proud of my wonders!