Friday, May 18, 2012

Field Trip...Beach Trip On A Misty Moist Morning

I haven't posted in quite awhile with so much going on in my own life and with school winding down. There are only 41/2 days left with my wonders!
Today was our beach trip to Isle of Palms. We have been waiting on this trip and low and behold the weather predictions the night before were awful and they didn't improve much with the new day. Finally at 7:30 am we made the call to go anyway. Why? because if you live in the low country of South Carolina, it could be pouring down rain in Summerville, but be a great day at the beach. So we ventured forth. As we are driving we keep getting texts from parents questioning why we are even going? But since my Kindergarten peers and I are an adventurous lot and desperately need to whisk our darlings away from the stress of school, we keep on riding. Upon our arrival we see parent chaperons huddle under towels and beach hats with our "lunches and belongings" waiting for our arrival with questioning looks on their faces as we pull into the Isle of Palms county park.
My little wonders exited the bus excited and ventured forth with their teacher on a mist moist morning onto the beach. We dug in the sand, built sandcastles (thanks to some great dads that helped engineer the sandcastle building), collected shells in our baggies....
The big question arises, should we let them play in the water? Bravely I stepped in the water and count my blessings that I live on the coast of South Carolina and the water is warm. I sent the parents out into the water at their knee depth and then blew the whistle for the wonders to splash and enjoy the water. They loved it and because of our brave little step of faith, the misting rain stopped and the wonders played for 25 minutes in the water,  with moms and dads snapping wonderful pictures of the kids joyously playing in the water. We went back to our little picnic tables and ate he most delicious and delightful lunch we have had all year, changed our clothes got back on the bus and made it safely back to our school. 

I love field trips, the beach, South Carolina weather and my wonders...what a way to celebrate beach week!


Miss Wonder said...

Awww! This brings back memories of when my son was in your class. How funny to think of that now, when he will be starting middle school in 2 weeks! Time flies. Thanks for the good memories.

Jake miller said...

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