Sunday, January 15, 2012

A linky party that shows how our days go as teachers. This sounds fun and it is super interesting to look at all the schedules of other teachers around the blogosphere.

Hook up with Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher to join the linky party. So in that case here is how my day goes:

5:00-5:45: I awaken. I feed the two dogs and one cat. I stumble around and make coffee and let the animals out. Make a toasted bagel and stare blearily at the TV while I drink my coffee and eat my bagel. 
5:45-5:50: I sip more coffee and ruminate (yes, ruminate over how nice it would be to just sleep for another hour or more).
5:50-6:05: I get moving making sure everything is out for me to wear and shower.
6:05-6:25: dress, blowdry hair, put on makeup, check out appearance in mirror and awaken Jeff, my sweetie so he can get ready for his day. Now some days he awakens me with coffee and bagel and then I ruminate on "how lucky I am to have someone bring me breakfast in bed.
6:25-6:45: I have another cup of coffee and fill my thermos, grab and pack up everything.
6:45: In the car and leaving the driveway.
6:45-7:00: I am driving to work. It takes that long because in our little city, Central Ave. has now become the busiest road in the world as all the commuters head for their jobs in Charleston. And getting to turn out in that road is like taking your life in your hands!
7:00-7:05: Getting in school, signing in and unpacking
7:05-7:35: greeting kids at door, Making sure they eat at the round breakfast table, start their morning work and making sure everything is a "GO".
7:35-7:45: Morning show on the Smartboard, Review morning work, and get the wonders to the rug for Calendar and singing and dancing.
7:45-8:10- Calendar and Singing and dancing
8:10-8:40- Phonics
8:40-9:00- Phonics activities
9:00 -9:45: Go to Specials (YES!!!!)
9:45-10:00:Return to room, story read aloud, and bathroom ( because inevitably six or seven have to go at the same time)
10:00 -10:30: Writing
10:30-11:00: Grade level ( which our district's fancy word for Shared/Guided reading lesson, because we integrate Science and Social Studies at this time for Thematic learning)
11:00-11:10: get ready for lunch, line up and move on out toward the cafeteria and LUNCH
11:10-11:45: Lunch and lineup to go back and enter classroom ( yes we inhale our food haha).
11:45 - 12:30- Math and Math groups.
12:30-1:00: RECESS and snack
1:00- 1:50: Differentiated Groups (centers) and fluency groups.
1:50-2:00: Early buses and cleanup.
2:00: leave for buses and the wonders go home
2:15-4:00: chat, prepare, have meetings, and nosh on a snack and more coffee.
4:00- 4:15: heading home
4:15-4:30: let the animals out and they usually get a treat for being such good boys.
4:30-5:30: usually have a nap while I am watching TV or reading a novel.
5:30- Begin making dinner, chores, load some laundry, etc.
6:30 eating with my sweetie, Jeff and chatting about our day.
7:30-8:00: My best friend and I usually head out for Starbucks (they know us by name and we even got special cards from them at Christmas because we are their favorite customers).
8:30: doing work, folding clothes, playing on the computer, checking email and blogs and then about !0:00 heading to bed.
10:00-10:30: reading and SLEEEEEEEEP! (apparently lately the sleep fairy has been keeping me awake so I have felt extra groggy)

Then the party starts all over again the next morning.

So How's your day go? Link up with                                  and tell us about your day!


Katie Klohn said...

I am shocked at how early your kinders come to school! I am so grateful there are wonderful educators who have patience for the 5 year olds. I subbed in kinder quite a bit during my undergrad time and I do not think I could do it full time. Especially now after teaching 6th grade!

Thanks for linking up!
Miss Klohn
Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

Miss Wonder said...

I knew you were a big fan of coffee, but wow! That's a LOT of coffee!

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